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Default Meet new BILLmanager 6

We are busy with the last preparations for launching BILLmanager 6 and will be ready to announce it at the third quarter of 2017. Today you can try out our new re-designed user interface. Log in to ISPsystem Client area by following the link bellow to evaluate the user interface of the 6th generation. We’ll give you a brief description of the improvements to come.

Log in to BILLmanager 6

What is BILLmanager 6? This is a new platform providing the same functionality as BILLmanager 5 along with advanced product logics and design.

This is the first step of improvements. We redesigned the Client area, as it is the most important part of the whole system. BILLmanager is the last step a client takes before he places an order. This is a system where he manages his services. A better management system ensures better conversion of visitors into customers, and improves customer retention. We believe that every service provider wants to improve these characteristics.

Share your feedback

BILLmanager 6 is now passing alpha-testing, that’s why your feedback is highly appreciated.

You can send your thoughts and suggestions:You can also send your feedback to:

Coming soon
  • April 2017 Open alpha-testing of BILLmanager 6 Client area.
  • May 2017 Closed alpha-testing by ISPsystem’s partners. Please, contact us to join a test.
  • Q3 2017 BILLmanager 6 Beta.

How to upgrade to BILLmanager 6

You can upgrade from BILLmanager 5 to BILLmanager 6 on the same server with a mouse click.
  • There is no need to purchase a new yearly or lifetime license.
  • There is no need to import data.

What’s next

The launch of BILLmanager with a new admin area is expected in 2018. Today we want to share some plans.
  1. Support of XaaS or Everything as a Service. Our new billing platform will provide better functions for provisioning of cloud infrastructure, site builder tools, or backup services.
  2. BILLmanager will feature workspaces designed for different admin groups: company owners, support staff, marketing and accountant departments. The web interface can be adjusted to meet the needs of different staff and simplify their everyday tasks.
  3. A new, adaptive tool in the “Marketing” section for mass mailing. Modified clients segments. Simplified system of discounts and promotions. We also plan to launch bonuses, internal advertisement, and questionnaires.

Kind regards,
Team ISPsystem
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