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Default End-of-life of 4th generation of solutions

It will soon be two years since we introduced the 5th generation of our software products. At this time, a great majority of our customers already had an opportunity to experience and appreciate the functionality and convenience of the new panels. Meanwhile, the life cycle of ISPmanager 4 to this date is more than 11 years. And this is a very respectable time in the software world.

Every day, 4th versions of solutions are getting more and more obsolete. So, it's about time to finish their story. Therefore, as we announced earlier this year, on December 1st 2015, ISPsystem will discontinue sale and renewal of licenses and provision of free consultations (at our forum and in BILLmanager) for the 4th generation of software products *.
* The information does not apply to BILLmanager 4, as the 5th version has only been released recently. We will provide information about BILLmanager 4 EOL separately.

Further Steps
  • December 1st 2015. End of sales of the 4th generation of solutions to all clients, including existing clients (who already have at least one 4th generation control panel). We also stop providing technical support for these solutions (at our Forum and in your Client area).
  • December 1st 2016. Complete EOL for releases of updates, including those related to critical vulnerabilities, as well as termination of paid support of the 4th generation of licenses.

5th generation of control panels can be distinguished not only by its support of the newest operating systems, an improved web interface, but also by a large amount of new features and functionality. For example, in case of ISPmanager 5:
  • Support for two interface modes: simple, where you will be prompted to enter only the required parameters, and expert, with advanced functionality and configuration;
  • Configuration wizards have been added. It will help you make initial settings, request necessary data and create required entries automatically;
  • Installation of various versions of PHP for different domains using the built-in PHP-selector is now available;
  • Integration with CloudLinux OS;
  • An updated system of rights, with which you can configure user access not only to functions, but also to individual form’s fields;
  • A free website builder,, is available to everyone.
  • That’s just to name a few things, not to mention many more cool features we have for you in the pipeline!

Migration from the 4th generation of solutions and pricing
  • Owners of Lifetime licenses of 4th generation solutions can upgrade to the new version of solutions with a 30% discount until 1st of December 2015.
  • You can upgrade your license right away and update your control panel at your leisure, when it is convenient, as 4th generation control panels will continue to work with a 5th generation license key.
  • Pricing for purchasing 5th generation of licenses can be found in your Client interface of BILLmanager or at our site.
  • Users of monthly and yearly licensed solutions can upgrade for free. Expiration period of such upgraded licenses will be adjusted in accordance to the cost of 5th generation of solutions.
  • More information on migration to new solutions can be found in Documentation. Our Support Team would be happy to assist you with any related queries.

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