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Default Reposting this question

The User's control panel can be accessed at https://node-ip/manager/vdsmgr which could work fine as long as VPS remains on the one node/physical server all the time however in real world VPS's are being migrated between nodes to balance the load, resource consumption, etc. So, if say, VPS will be moved from node1 to node2 (different physical servers with different IP's) this would change the URL used by the VPS owner to access the control panel. Is there any way to avoid this? I.e.
The VPS owner's control panel (similar to VZPP with virtuozzo) is accessible at https://vps-ipxxx/ and it doesn't matter on which physical node the VPS is located - VPS owner always uses VPS IP to access the Power Panel. VPS's can be migrated from physical server to physical server without us having to email each customer we migrated to a new server (to tell them they have a new IP to login to to reboot/restart their VPS). We'd like to test your product and use it for a new project but we need to have your product support this. Any plans? Please explain in detail as we are very interested but without this functionality we'd be going backwards using your solution. In short, the VZPP with Commercial Virtuozzo does what we need but we were considering OpenVZ or Xen with your product if it can do what we need.

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VDSmanager has this functionality. You should enter in central VDSmanager, in the module "Intergration", then " Slave servers" and add all your physical servers with VDSmanager (apart from central VDSmanager).
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