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Default ISPmanager disables user

ISPmanager has disabled 2 users from our system last night. The other user did not have their email working, they could not log in to the ISPmanager, but their websites worked properly.

I have been searching through the logs several times, (with LogLevel 9 in ISPmanager settings) and I could find nothing from the log that would indicate disablement of these two accounts. I did perform a test disabling to see how it logs it, and there indeed was nothing in the logs about disabling of these two accounts compared to the output this test gave out. The websites were also disabled, which was not the case with these accounts that were being disabled during the night.

There was one difference in the logs that I did notice though, compared to other users in the system who were not disabled:

Aug 9 02:15:00 [21578] ^[[1;36mEXTINFO Execute (/bin/mv /var/cron/tabs/username var/disabledcron/username) return=0 exited^[[0m

This was also performed in reverse when the account was enabled, along with other actions.

From what I can see, the accounts have been partially disabled for some unknown reason.

The same thing happened to the other of these two users on Saturday night was well, with as little info in the logs. These both users were in the system the whole time though, so it is weird why this did not happen to both users on Saturday.
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