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Default Domain registration error solved

Domain registration error. we use resellerclub
PHP Code:
Error information
-05-25 08:14:10    Processing module 'Domain' (id 4)
2018-05-25 08:14:11    ErrorThe error occurred'{langpref=Language is Invalid}' (type'api_error'object''value''message'The error occurred: '{langpref=Language is Invalid}''

processing::AbstractResellerClub::ApiRequest(std::string const&, std::stringprocessing::AbstractResellerClub::request_methodbool) (libexec/ 0xa1a) [*0x2b7f869a6839]
processing::Directi::CreateCustomer(intintstd::string const&) (libexec/ 0x1249) [*0x2b7f869bab64]
processing::Directi::GetOpenDomainData(intint) (libexec/ 0x274) [*0x2b7f869bed7c]
processing::Directi::Open(int) (libexec/ 0x18c) [*0x2b7f86bf51a4]
processing::Module::Run(intchar**) (lib/ 0x9d4) [*0x2b7f86995d0c]
??? (
libexec/ 0x2dc) [*0x401409]
??? (
processing/pmdirecti 0x0) [*0x2b7f865df445]
??? (/
lib64/ 0xf5) [*0x4016a7]
??? (
processing/pmdirecti 0x0) [*(nil)] 
BILLmanager Corporate 5.153.0

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