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Default problems with SSL certs for email domains

I've installed fresh ispmanager lite on debian 9
Have same problem as on earlier OS.
Dovecot and exim uses only main ssl certificate

-r--r--r-- 1 Debian-exim Debian-exim 4558 gru 31 11:24 /etc/exim4/ssl/exim.crt
-r-------- 1 Debian-exim Debian-exim 1702 gru 31 11:24 /etc/exim4/ssl/exim.key

Certificates for email domains exists but exim and dovecot ignores them, and uses only global cert.

I've also error in log

dovecot: config: Warning: /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-ssl.conf line 65: Global setting ssl_key won't change the setting inside an earlier filter at /etc/dovecot/certs/xxx.conf line 3 (if this is intentional, avoid this warning by moving the global setting before /etc/dovecot/certs/xxx.conf line 3)

changing order doesn't change anything.

Can You provide proper instruction for using clients LE generated certificates, instead of global cert?
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This issue was resolved in 5.130. The mail server should use the right certificates when connecting to

However, it was not tested on Debian 9. You can send us a ticket and grant access to your server. Our QA department will check.
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