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Default General - Apache restarting/reloading.

Can someone please put some light on this ISPmanager behaviour? When editing WWW or PHP setteings and clicking "OK" imploys web server restart even when no changes were made. It's obvious that "cancel" button should be used but not to everyone unforunately. Is it intentinal behaviour? Having few hundreds accounts makes web server restarting expensive (config file parsing, killing and spawning processes etc.). So few questions arises.

Does it make sense to check if any changes in configuration were made when "OK" was cliked? Depending on the check result web server would be restarted or not. Think it's worth of effort.

Why not restart web server when it's really necessery (eg. new PHP extension for Apache was installed)? I would suggest to use graceful reload whenever it's possible (for Apache and Nginx). Advantages of such approach are obvious.

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It's normal and intentional ISPmanager behavior! If it is enough to use graceful reload, ISPmanager will use it. But if not, ISPmanager will restart your server.
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