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Default Ducumentation - Is it up to date?

I'm finding the setup of ISPManager 5 (Lite) quite confusing as the documentation doesn't seem to "line-up" with what I'm seeing.

For example, right now I'm stuck at getting nameservers setup. The docs say I need to have DNSManager installed (yet another expense) to run my nameservers, so I installed it.

However, the docs also say that for ISPM to integrate with DNSM I must create a "User" in DNSA and not an "Admin". Sounds fine but there is no place to create a "User" in DNSA, only "Admin" which I went ahead and did that but of course got an error in ISPM when trying to connect.

I'm way confused!

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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It seems like you are login in DNSmanager as "root" but you should login as "admin". Just click the "Administrator" button at the home page or DNSmanager --- Administrators --- choose "admin" --- and click the "Log in" button.
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