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Default DNS/Subdomains

A few ideas here

- When adding a subdomain, you should let the user decide if they want it to point to an IP, or a specific directory in their document root, or a new directory they may want their friend to use. For example if they have htdocs/forums and they want to point to that directory they can do that (it works with a virtual host directive in apache)


DocumentRoot /home/

I believe this option is quite important.

I also noticed when you delete a subdomain it creates a directory in /home/, when you delete that subdomain in ISPmanager is doesnt remove the directory.

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ok. it is easy to add this fields to subdomains. we'll do it.
and delete subdomain bug will fixed too. thanks for report.
Alain Goupille. ISPsystem support team.
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done. in version 4.0.18
ISPsystem support team
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