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Exclamation Feature Request: ISPManager to support running off of LAN IP

This is an offical feature request to give ispmanger the option to support LAN configurations. Currently ispmanager must be on a dedicated system with an external WAN IP address. Using a LAN IP address and tunneling connections to the server will not work as ispmanager must locate the external IP address associated with the license.

What I am suggesting will bring more business to your company. Several business's use LAN configurations for server management and only peer ports that need to interact with the outside world. I would greatly appreciate your department to "seriously" look into this with in the next 2 weeks. I am deploying a series of 20 x 55 Gentoo Linux servers in a closed environment and need to obtain a control panel that can perform very well. I would like to use ispmanager and will even pay for development of such a feature as it is vital.

Please have your owner read over this and have him respond directly to me. I understand that you must have some license verification, however limiting the control panel from communicating on a LAN IP is just not pratical. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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The policy of our company isn't changed.
We replied you about adding the option to support LAN configuration at .
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