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Lightbulb Cloudflare Plugin Issue With ISPManager

I am not able to use same cloudflare client account across different users.

For example I created user1 to host and created user2 to host

Now if I go to cloudflare option, and use a cloudflare username and password (my personal cloud flare account) to do the settings for cloudflare partner using the plugin it works fine.

But if I use the same account to on user2 it gives me an error saying user already exist. OK.. Error makes sense, but I am unable to use that existing user account. If user already exists I should be able to use it again for different domain.

Hope you see the problem. I want to be able to use different cloudflare client account for all domain. Otherwise I will have to create different cloud flare client accounts for each domain I am hosting, say if I ended up hosting 10 websites I now have 10 cloudflare client accounts to manage.

For a personal VPS having different cloudflare account for each domain defeats the whole purpose, I can see it being a very good solution for hosting providers for personal VPS its just not pretty.

I wonder if there is a work around to this situation?

Thanks in Advance
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