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Default Shell-scripts doesn't work

I tried to create a custom service to sell backups. However, billmgr does not start scripts on the remote server:

2016-11-14 01:19:17 Error: param 'id' does not exist (type: 'missed'; object: 'param'; value: 'id'message: 'param 'id' does not exist'

2016-11-14 01:19:40 Ошибка: No appropriate processing modules (type: 'no_suitable_module'; object: ''; value: ''; msg: 'No appropriate processing modules'message: 'No appropriate processing modules'

I can send you the full log as a private message.
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Hello BoxLand,

first, you need to read carefully the article describing how to use Shell-scripts

Requirements to the script
The following data are passed as parameters to the script during service activation:
values for tariff add-on in the format --addon=value
values for tariff parameters --param=value
automatically generated username and password: --password=<password> --user=<username>

The script should return code 0 and the string starting with "OK" (in the Latin alphabet letters), then the string should contain the following parameters space separated: --param1=value --param2=value ... --paramN=value.

The obligatory parameter that should be returned - "id", which is a unique identifier of the newly created service. It will be used for further service processing, All output parameters are saved into the itemparam table of the database. The id parameters is saved as externalid. user and password are also saved in itemparam.

The id parameters is saved as ''externalid''. itemparam also contains the ''user'' and ''password'' parameters.

In the above example ''id'' is not returned - Type: 'missed' Object: 'param' Value: 'id'
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