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Unhappy Strange problem of sending notification mails after new user is created

Hello Team,

Can someone assist me with a strange issue I experience?
  1. I have installed ISPManager on a new server (Debian Wheezy) with hostname:
  2. I configured the 'user.welcome' Email Template under 'Other Settings>>Email Templates' to send mails from ''
  3. I create a new user testuser and Domain: and the user gets the Notification mail successfully.
  1. Next I create a new user 'myname' and Domain: ''.
  2. '' is managed through a different DNS Server.
  3. After creating this domain (and no further configurations done), I do not receive any Notification mails for any new users I create anymore.
  • Why is this? Shouldn't my '' be configured from an external DNS Server?
  • Should the DNS be configured only on the ISPManager Server?
  • Is there any way that we can disable DNS Manager for a particular domain?
  • Is there any way that we can configure sendmail to send notification mails or use an external SMTP to send notification mails?

I think this is a basic requirement for a Control Panel and most possibly I am unable to find this feature or setting somewhere.

Please help!!


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It doesn't matter how server names is configured. Notification email should be send after new user creation if checkbox "Send message" is set.

Check ISPmanager's log, you can see
DEBUG send mail 'From:

if message was sent.

Also check mail server's log, probably there where some errors.
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