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Default BUG to manage Postfix via ISPManager?


I've stopped sendmail via root.
I've installed Postfix via root(via Ispmanager Applications isn't available).
I've set postfix to use as SMTP the gmail smtp on port 587(to avoid spam) and I do not host any mail on my server, I use Google Apps so I'm interested only to send automated emails by my webpages(buy product, register, etc).
I test Postfix via root and all emails are now delivered very fast and always in inbox after I use gmail smtp.

Now I want to manage Postfix by ISPpmanager(Services and Firewall) and all documentation by ISPDoc I think is deprecated:
So to be managed by ISPmanager must be:
1. edit /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.conf
2. edit /etc/postfix/ (postfix is installed here)
3. killall ispmgr
4. service postfix reload
Could you please provide me what I must to edit in this files to be managed Postfix by ISPmanager(everything I've try is deprecated):
/etc/postfix/ (postfix is installed here)

ISPmanager version: ISPmanager-Lite
Linux: Centos - 6 final.

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Hello, in your case I advice you not to use ISPmanager.
All you accounts controlled by google. You need just to send emails from web-scripts, right?
And why you need ISPmanager to control your postfix?
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