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Default ISPManager: ftp details, api and more

I'm using ISPManager as a customer of

Hi, I have a few questions. Some things would fit into specific sections of this forum but I figured multiple topics would be overkill.
  • When I'm logged in as an administrator there is no way to access FTP accounts. Logged in as an administrator I can access domains, databases and the file manager, but FTP accounts aren't shown anywhere. If I switch to being logged in as a user they display fine. Is this a bug or a "feature"?
  • I'm using the API and I want to authenticate VIA IP Address, I'm doing this and it's working fine however I can't find a way to specify the user to perform the action for. I know I can specify the user for the IP but what if I want multiple users controlled from a single IP? I can't seem to find a way like "&param1=ff&param2=ff&user=john".
  • Under the "Access to modules" section it lists all the modules available, however the "Access level" doesn't seem to be changable, however this isn't mentioned anywhere. There's a drop down when selecting to edit but the list of options presented do not match the displayed selections. If shows "root administrator", "administrator", "reseller", "user", "ftp" and "shell" but the drop down displays "Granted for all" "deny for all" and two others.

I'd be interested in some input regarding this. Thanks!
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1) It's a feature =)
2) Try to use "func=funcname&su=username".
3) The access levels for internal groups aren't changeable with ISPmanager but you can do that with editing /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.xml (look for the word "level"). They are used to determine the groups which can use the module.

Originally Posted by citricsquid
If shows "root administrator", "administrator", "reseller", "user", "ftp" and "shell" but the drop down displays "Granted for all" "deny for all" and two others.
You can change the access only for users, not for the groups. It doesn't matter who they are, administrators or resellers.
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