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Default Issues with IP

Hi, hope you will help me.

I have integrated BILLmanager and VMmanager. Virtual machines are created, but I see numerous errors:

In IPmanager IP-address '*.*.*.*' is marked in use for 'vm manager' user. But in BILLmanager it is not registered.
IP-addrress'*.*.*.*' is added in the 'vps' processing module, but it is not registered in the billing system. Service - 'VPS #1324 (*.*.*.*, ****.net)'. Primary IP address - 'Yes'.

P.s. The list of IP addresses of a newly created VPS is empty
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Notifications are generated because the list of IP addresses in the billing system is empty. It's a strange situation that the IP was not specified...

Try to review billmgr.log, pmipmgr.log and pmvmmgr.log during the period when one of the problem machine was created. The log will show you the information what happened to that IP addresses and why it was not added to BILLmanager.
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