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Originally Posted by mtk View Post
so I simply add a new server with the same role, and just shut down the services on the shared server (the one with 2 roles)?
Yes, also you may need to reconfigure some services because of changing IP-address

if so, I could basically install one of these 2 schemes:
  1. one server split into 4 VMs. each VM will have one service (master, node, db, storage).
  2. 2 dedicated servers with all 4 services on each machine.
    maybe even a PRO license and then upgrade to CLUSTER.
when possible, I'll buy more servers and take responsibility out of the VM into a dedicated machine.
You may use VMs, but it is very not optimal - it is better to use at least 3 dedicated servers for cluster:
1 - Storage
2 - MySQL
3 - Master + HTTP
As for 2 Dedicated servers, i think it is wrong way - there is no way to upgrade ISPmanager Pro to ISPmanager Cluster and Cluster should use shard Storage
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