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Default PHP as FastCGI upload upload limit bug ?


ISPmanager Lite:
I've installed FastCGI from: Server settings->Applications->FastCGI module for the Apache web-server and after I enable it.
After I activate the user to use FastCGI and change www.domain to: PHP as FastCGI.

After I check via phpinfo() file:

Server API CGI/FastCGI
Loaded Configuration File /var/www/php-bin/MYUSERNAME/php.ini

My website working(WordPress CMS) but the problem is with upload limit file: 2 MB. -> Here the: Server Settings(ISPmanager Lite)->PHP Configuration file has no effect, is set to 32 MB but with FastCGI has no effect(btw a nice update here to can be configured the FastCGI too will be nice).
This restriction to 2 MB give you HTTP Error or 500 Internal Server Error on any uploads even was under 2 MB, basically impossible to upload something!!!
So I login as root and:
nano /etc/httpd/conf.d/fcgid.conf
and I add this:
FcgidMaxRequestLen 1073741824
service httpd restart
No problem now to upload till 2 MB and I avoid Internal Server Error 500 but HOW TO EDIT THIS RESTRICTION OF 2 MB with PHP as FastCGI as long as via the control panel of ISPmanager the PHP configuration has no effect to FastCGI? Please tell me where I must to edit the php.ini used by FastCGI ?
Or a solution to increase max upload file size with FastCGI with ISPmanager?

Thanks in advance!

Strange situation:
I've edit:
nano /var/www/MYUSERNAME/data/php-bin/php.ini
and I add: upload_max_filesize=30M
service httpd restart
killall ispmgr
Now the limit of 2 MB increased to 8 MB but not 30 MB ...strange ?
Please provide a solution to increase upload_max_filesize with PHP as FastCGI.


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