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Originally Posted by slava View Post
Virtual servers are completely independent from the node machine and for connect to VPS users use own IP-address.
I understand how VPS's work as we are a large VPS company. My question still hasn't been answered. The GUI tool that each VPS user would get with their VPS to reboot, restart their VPS requires the host node IP's to access it with your software it seems. Is there anyway they can access this GUI tool (not control panel like cPanel) rather VZPP (like Virtuozzo Powerpanel) via their VPS IP not the host node itself? As explained above this is important and if it's not possible please just say it's not possible. The reason this is a problem is simple. If we move a VPS from one server to another then we also need to tell them a new IP to reboot their VPS which is really not necessary and not needed with other Virtualization software. Let me know asap.
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