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Default Fresh install, problems with mail delivery after install spamassassin

I have w 2 new installations of ISPManager lite (stable and beta)
both based on Fbsd 9.1/64bit
mail is on postfix 2.9 + dovecot 2 + maildrop (also I've tried on procmail)

And after install spamassassin I have strange behavior.

All incoming and outgoing emails lost their body and subject and gone without any conent with strange sender (Sendmail Default User) from uid 26

After deinstall spamassassin postfix works well.

I've remember also that problem with an old installation (2011) of ISPManager lite on Fbsd 8.x, in that case I abandon spamassassin feature, now I'm very determine to resolve this problem

Can anoyone You help me?
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