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Default Hsphere to IPSSystem

Hello all,

I'm a longtime hsphere user (since 2002). It appears to me that LLs has put hsphere on a gradual demise to migration to their other products (just my own observation). Therefore, I'm looking to make a change and ISPSystems seems to be the best move for me given my own needs and experience.

I've long been an hsphere fan and user mostly due to the ease of management over a cluster of Nix & Win servers. ISPSystems seems to fit that need.

That said, I do need to make sure I have the licensing understood. I've seen a lot of questions and answers here about licensing but I figure best to make sure I have my own specific needs addressed rather than depend on those answers.

I have a dedicated server. Installed on that server is SolusVM with which I manage my VPSes. They are (for example) CP, Mail, SQL, NS2, Web & VPSs (total of 6). If I understand the licensing here, I need 5 ISPManager licenses and 1 VManager license plus any other ISPSystem Managers I want such as IP, DNS, etc.

Am I correct in my license assumptions?

Thank you for any clarification you can provide.
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