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Originally Posted by GakcaT View Post
What is being written in the ISPmanager logfile when you press a button?
Each element from the table has the element id (tag <elid>). When you press a button your application sends a request to ISPmanager, the request has to include the tag <elid>element_id</elid>.
We weren't getting anything, so we switched our modified files back over to exactly what you provided. The log now shows a request to 'INFO Request [#.#.#.#][root] 'func=service_management'', but on the GUI itself, it isn't displaying the page title or any of the services we added to the /tmp/services.txt file per your instructions. We even ran 'rm -rf /usr/local/ispmgr/var/.xmlcache ; killall ispmgr' to purge the cache. Something is definitely wrong. We are running the latest build posted yesterday.
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