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Default Adding items to ISPmanager menu

We've been going through the docs on how to add items to the ISPmanager menu and we have one problem and one recommendation:

1) The docs state this:

"As a category name use the value of the name attribute of the XML-node node for appropriate category of the navigation menu described in /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr_menu.xml."

Unfortunately there's no such file on the server. We're guessing that in the example "tool" isn't a valid name as we don't seem to be getting the menu item showing up in ISPmanager, but since that noted file doesn't exist, we have no idea what the value needs to be.

2) In the sample code on the docs page (and the supplied .xml files in the /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ directory), can you please make sure each element is on a new line. Having all of the elements on one line makes it very difficult to go through the code, and in the case of supplied language files such as /usr/local/*mgr/etc/*.xml, it is very necessary, as we clean up some of the badly-translated content, grammatical errors, etc., and properly having the elements one-to-a-line will greatly help in running diffs between old and new versions of the originals so we can determine what lines need to update in our versions of those files (in case new elements are added, old elements have name changes, etc.).

Thank you in advance. The sooner we can get an answer to #1, the sooner we can continue our testing, so please assist ASAP.
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