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Question making ISP Manger see updated python

Hi there,

I am running ISP manager on CloudLinux and since it comes with python 2.4 as a system package I installed python 2.6 from epel repo woth yum as an extra package.

The quesiton is - how do I make the ISP plugins that require the Python >= 2.5 recognize the other python installation besides the default system one?

From ISP documentation:
"Several version of the interpreter are not supported, verification is started by the command like "python --version", if necessary, the server can be configured to start a required version by default. "

does it mean I would have to change the python version system wide?

For now I am using a workaround like this:

- I installed the plguins that require the python 2.5 or later
- I went to the /usr/local/ispmgr/addon directory
- edited the python scripts of the corresponding plugins to use the alternative python install. In my case I changed the first line of the .py scripts from:
#!/usr/bin/env python
#!/usr/bin/env python2.6

and they seem to work.

Is this a recommended way of achieving the plugin functionality or is there a better way than hacking them all manually? And will I be breaking stuff by using these hacks?

many thanks,
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