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Default More on Import-User with Ispmanager

Originally Posted by Wishmaster View Post
No mail will be lost during this transition; however some mail may still be delivered to your old mail system until DNS cache update
We suppose that emails won't be lost, but perhaps not all emails will be received especially on large accounts, where Import-User will work for some minutes...
We want all emails/data on database beeing updated to new server SERVERB.
If not, how could we really have updated emails/databases?

Some ideas to solve/improve that issue (does they work?):
1) Set DNS entries on SERVERA of that user to SERVERB before doing the "Import-User"
Posible problem: if an email is received while ImportUser is beeing done, then email will be returned (failed).

2) After the "Import-User" at SERVERB, then set dns entries on SERVERA to SERVERB, and execute again the "Import-User", in order to receive again the data from SERVERA while transfer is beeing done.
Posible problem: Does the second "Import-User" delete all data recevied at SERVERB? So if any email has been received at SERVERB it will be deleted!!!

Any idea or way to do it better?
Thank you.
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