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Default Transfer accounts between servers with Ispmanager: Import-user

We have to transfer some accounts (imagine that we have to transfer ACCOUNTM from SERVERA to SERVERB).

We don't want to loose any email, any log of webstats, any database update so... what is the better way to do it?

We would like to convert that thread in a how to transfer acounts.

1) 48 hours before transfer the account
Reduce TTL (Time To Live) of the ACCOUNTM at SERVERA
vi /etc/namedb/zones/ACCOUNTM
Change "$TTL 3600" to "$TTL 300"
Restart namebd ("rndc reload")

2) Go to destination server (SERVERB) and fill the Import User fields.
After the "ImportUser" is done from the remote, at SERVERB set for that user/site:
* IP on the new server
* DNS servers on the new server

3) Go to SERVERA and modify main IP for the site/user transfered to the new IP

Questions about that process:
Could be sure with that method that no email will be left on old server (SERVERA)?

Feel free to complete/modify/improve our howto.

Some more comments about "Import User" feature:
"Location - you can choose the location of user's data backup (Use Backup option to create a backup)" -> does that option exists?

There is a little translation mistake here (english version):
"Пароль - access assword to the control panel on the remote server." would be
"Password - access password to the control panel on the remote server."

"Passwords from SASL-bases will not be moved. So, you will probably have to change your mailbox users' passwords via the control panel."
I think that now it works with SASL passwords

Feature that we talk some months ago will be really useful:

Have a nice day.
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