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Default More about "ImportUser"

Originally Posted by Wishmaster View Post
User Import does not delete anything. It makes a user copy on another server.
We want to say "overwrite" rather than "delete" (emails received at SERVERB will be overwrite (lost) if we do again a ImportUser SERVERA to SERVERB):
2) After the "Import-User" at SERVERB, then set dns entries on SERVERA to SERVERB, and execute again the "Import-User", in order to receive again the data from SERVERA while transfer is beeing done.
Posible problem: Does the second "Import-User" overwrite all data received at SERVERB? So if any email has been received at SERVERB it will be lost!!!

The idea of writing that post is that developers of Ispmanager explain detailed how to use the features of their software, the benefits of licesing Ispmanager rather than another control panels on the market, and to demostrate how are done an important thing like "transfer account" from one server to another.
We really hope that the howto was made by Ispmanager developers, so we can discuss about that and all users and clients see the benefits of that soft.

I thing that it could benefit Ispsystem and all their clients.
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