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Default IPmanager's requirement of Class-C space

We've been setting up a full infrastructure this weekend to test out the entire gamut of your offering. While the majority has gone smoothly, we have found the IPmanager piece to be absolutely useless, and solely because you require Class-C allocations in it to set up any pools. We have allocations ranging from /24 to /29, and the allocation we were going to use for this test is a /27. Given your product can't handle that, we can't even complete testing. Looks like we wasted the entire weekend on this process. Assuming only Class-C allocations would be used/available is so *very* unrealistic. For a proper implementation of IP management, you can't be that short-sided, and a hosting infrastructure needs to have IP address management in an automated fashion to be useful.

Also, we saw in the forums that it appears you are basing everything on RDNS records (and most recently ping responses). Both of these are horrendous.

For one, how hard is it to simply manage a small database of IP addresses and simply mark one as used when a ISPmanager or VDSmanager account requests one for use and on the flip-side, when one of those accounts terminate, you simply trigger an event to mark it back as available?!?! That is how IP management is done in Parallels Business Automation Server (previously HSPc); it couldn't get any easier or simplified.

Secondly, whomever came up with the bright idea to simply ping an IP to see if it is available needs a fry pan upside the head. What if an existing VPS is rebooting, crashed and stopped or suspended for various reasons? It won't be pingable, and thus you run into a problem of potentially issuing a duplicate IP to a new VPS.

As a result of both of these, the IPmanager is absolutely useless. It provides no rational or reliable method of automating IP address management. We were getting very happy about the whole ISP/VDS/IP/DNS/BILL(manager) product-line and how things were working until we hit this issue. Now it looks like we'll have to scrap considering the product-line entirely as proper IP management is a must for any new hosting infrastructure we put into place.

Very disappointed.

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