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Hello, use /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/pbackup frestore

# /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/pbackup
Copyright (C) 2010 ISPsystem
pbackup [options] backup <plan>
pbackup [options] restore <plan> <backup date> [file]
pbackup [options] orestore <plan> <backup date> <object type> <object name>
pbackup [options] urestore <plan> <backup date> <user>
pbackup [options] frestore <path>
pbackup [options] download <plan> <backup date> [file]
pbackup [options] delete <plan> <backup date>
pbackup [options] scheck <storage type> <storage path>
pbackup [options] userdel <storage type> <storage path> <user>
-h show the help and exit
-r overwrite archive
-u specify user
-n do not delete temporary directory
-c restore configuration only. The option can be used in conjunction with 'orestore' only
-e do not add extra headers while downloading
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