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I understand the need to control Licenses. What I am suggesting would not remove the license requirements and/or structure that you currently have set up in ISPManager but to change some very minor "Requirements".

Right now you have a strict requirement that the IP the control panel is licensed to needs to be the "source" address sending to the license server for license verification ---- No problem here. The other requirement is that the IP be added in ifconfig on the server running the control panel and be an active interface with communication directly to the outside world --- Here's where my only problem occurs. Since my server has a LAN IP ( and communicates to the license server using the licensed IP, shouldn't I be considered to be a "LEGIT" authorized owner of the license??? Why is there such a strict security rule that the IP must be in ifconfig and be able to communicate out off that interface?? This isn't a military source code or anything. We aren't sending 'encrypted' sensitive data to anyone here. It just seems like a little too strict.

Again, opening up the realm of allowing LAN Ip's as being used on the interface while still requiring that the source address for external communication to your license server is still licensed and authenticated would provide your company with more profit. However if you're not willing to look outside that box and still require a very strict ruleset, then I'll give up and not buy your product.

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