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Default Redirect all incoming email to script

Hi all,

I have just installed the brilliant FOSS, Rails based ClockingIT for project management, and would like to be able to send comments to tasks by simply replying to the notification emails automatically sent by the application.
This is a feature supported by ClockingIT, but of course it also depends on the mail system's configuration.

How could I achieve this with ISPmanager / postfix?
I have tried the instructions here (see "Setting up Email Integration"), but those are based on FreeBSD with Sendmail, and do not seem to work on Postfix as installed by ISPmanager.

I have also tried directly from within ISPmanager to set cit: "|/path/to/cit/script/runner -e production 'Mailman.receive('" (where /path/to/cit is the root of the Rails application) as destination for all the incoming email for a domain, to no avail.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated as am really looking forward to being able to update tasks via email.

Thanks in advance
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