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OK, I understand. It's little bit weird for me (I still think that there is a gap between admin and superadmin rights), but ok.

Let me asked for another thing.
Imagine following situation. How ISPM5 handles it?

I am not admin no more, now I am superadmin (with crown). I can manage everything. But I want to be the only one, who can manage everything. So I will disable all modules for common users, except mail boxes - because I want to let the users manage their mailboxes. But they cannot have access to any other module - backup, cron, SSL, DB etc. I don't want to let them manage this, but I have to be able to do that.

So if I, as superadmin, created a DB for user, but this user will have disabled acces to DB module, will ISPM5 generating errors during backups?
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