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Originally Posted by Karl View Post
Hi Mark B,

now I'm trying to evaluate/decide between
- DirectAdmin,
- LxAdmin and
- ISPmanager.

I'm just looking for a good control panel software for our dedicated servers. We are not an ISP.

DirectAdmin looks great and easy,
LxAdmin impresses me by the many options it has. It has an impressive list of features.
ISPmanager looks great, clean and professional but lacks some features LxAdmin obviously has.

On the other side nowbody really knows ISPmanager. How long it will be supported?

What could you recommend?

I've tested probably all panels available on the market (including Plesk, cPanel etc.). The ISPmanager looks the most promising and I'm emerging deeply into it's in-built functionality. In December I'll check how you are able to extend it with provided API.

I also want to ask ISPmanger crew what is your roadmap for developing ISPmanager? It's such a pitty it's not opensourced. I'm sure lot of people could contribute to it significantly.

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