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Solution for ISPmanager to use PHP as FastCGI:

1. Must to login as root

Edit with nano/pico/vi (your editor)


add this file:

FcgidMaxRequestLen 1073741824 (increase to 1 GB like in old version, new version accept 128 KB, any upload/install on your WordPress, Drupal, etc, will get in a internal server error or http error).

service httpd restart

cd /var/www/php-bin/YOUR_USERNAME

edit here php.ini (nano/pico/vi ...your editor ...ISPmanager have PHP Configuration in menu where you can increase maximum size for files but work only with PHP as an Apache module(with PHP as FastCGI HAS NO EFFECT) -here will be nice an update to can edit max file size for whatever you choose to use, apache module, FastCGI, etc.)

add this 2 lines:

upload_max_filesize = 30M
post_max_size = 30M (assume that you want to increase your upload files to 30 MB, for your Wordpress, Drupal, etc).

Exit and save php.ini

service httpd restart

killall ispmgr

Now your WordPress, Drupal, etc will accept the desired upload file size!
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