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Default Moved User to Separate Disk - Now get "an error occurred while working with files"

Hi guys,

I've been an ISPManager user for a while now, but I've just hit a bit of an odd issue. Recently I moved one of my "user" folders to a separate drive. They were at /var/www/johndoe on the primary hard disk but I added a second hard disk, moved all of the files and then mounted it at /var/www/johndoe.

So when browsing, everything looks as it did, except /var/www/johndoe is now a drive mount.

However, when I attempt to update the users www domain, even just by going in and clicking save without changing anything, I get "an error occurred while working with files". Is this something to do with ISPManager trying to use a relative link or something? I've checked permissions and they look identical to a user on the main disk.

I've also double checked and updates for other users work fine.

Any help would be most appreciated!


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