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Originally Posted by Rocket-Jay View Post
The VPS owner's control panel is accessible at https://vps-ipxxx/ and it doesn't matter on which physical node the VPS is located - VPS owner always uses VPS IP to access the Power Panel.
License to VDSmanager purchased for the main IP-address of the server node where VDSmanager installed.

Virtual servers have own IP-addresses and does not affect to the VDSmanager license.

Users can use own control panels installed to VPSes (such as ISPmanager or other different software for manage own websites) and login to as https://vps-ip/manager/ispmgr

If user need manage VPS system such as reboot or reinstall - user can login to node by URL https://node-ip/manager/vdsmgr with login as ip-address and root password for this VPS. VDSmanager authorize this login with user rights.
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