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Default How to integrate ISPsystem BILLmanager with Plesk Onyx

Kimsufi (Powered by OVH) KS-11 [Intel W3520 - 16GB DDR3 ECC 1333 MHz - SoftRaid 2x2Tb SATA] Server with Plesk 17.0.17 on CentOS 7 (x64) installed from an available Kimsufi OS Image via Kimsufi Control Panel and upgraded via CLI to Plesk 17.8.11 #63.
Plesk Web Pro monthly license purchased directly from Plesk for $15
Kimsufi KS-4 [Atom N2800 - 4GB DDR3 1066 MHz - SoftRAID 2x 2Tb SATA] Server.
ISPsystem BILLmanager Advanced 5.208 Free (Trial until the year 2033) for up to 50 clients (download).
P.S. The monthly price of ISPsystem BILLmanager Advanced is €12.
Installation istructions for ISPsystem BILLmanager.
NB! to make integration working you should provide the Plesk Server IP_address, not a domain ! The process of integration with Plesk is described here .
You may try Demo (with Plesk Onyx 17.8.11 Integration), provided you supply request for Demo on Plesk Forum or here in the threads specified above. The language of the Demo is Russian or English, the language of Plesk is English.
P.S. The only Payment Gateway (Yandex.Money for Individuals) is integrated for Testing Purposes (the charge for monthly Demo Plesk Hosting is 10 Russian Rubles, less than 1/6 USD).
You are welcome to ask questions here on Plesk Forum and in this thread on
There is also the ISPsystem Demo (without Plesk Integration), where the language can be changed to English.

Best regards,
Igor V. Timofeev

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