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Hi fly,

Thanks for the reply and investigating.

I did the same thing to obtain a clean/specific log - and clearly my original conclusion on the cause is incorrect.

However, this was a new install - the domain did not exist until the import was ran for the first time (and I kept deleting it before re-importing). Given how I got importing the subdomains to work, I don't believe that could cause subdomain imports to fail, moreover the contents (web, db and emails) of were imported successfully after creating the domain manually.

I will need to look in /usr/local/ispmgr/var/ispmgr.log to see if I can separate the import entries from other noise - there isn't an obvious indicator to me as to when the main domain entry was created and why it was created with the wrong permissions (belonging to nobody).

I do not own a spare license, otherwise I'd be quite happy to repeat the migration process onto a different machine to pinpoint the actual reason.
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