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Default ISPManager not connecting with apache daemon


Using Cloudlinux 5.5 with ISPManager Pro

Two issues (most likely related)

What seems to be happening is that ISP is not communicating with Apache. The setting in tools > services are all correct.

From commandline you can start and stop httpd with no issues, but not from ISP Manager.

Also in httpd.conf the document root is /var/www. So when I start Apache you can see the standard landing page

Now when you create a user account in ISPManager and then install for example wordpress it using the following path for the same domain /var/www/pmaster/data/www/ To complete the wordpress install I must go to

This gives a 404.
The config files for wordpress are in /var/www/pmaster/data/www/

It looks like a configuration issue... Any help appreciated!
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