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ispccare 06-16-2015 08:29 AM

Mysql 'access denied, root using password: Yes'
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Hello all,

I am working with my own ISP Manager 5 Pro environment. However yesterday we found out that we cannot access anything for mysql.

We are getting the following error:

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Anybody know where I can find this?

fly 06-18-2015 05:02 PM


Please check if mysql server is running. Also check if the password ISPmanager used is correct. To check the password connect to the database (on a server with mysql role)
/usr/local/mgr5/sbin/sqlite3 /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgrnode.db
and do a select:
sqlite> select * from db_server;

You will see a password that ISPmanager uses.

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