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NanoG6 08-22-2018 09:13 AM

Disabling IPV6
I have disabled ipv6 support in kernel level (kernel argument: ipv6.disable=1). Since this is freshly installed system, and I just installed minimal ISPmanager, would this (disabling ipv6) cause any problem in the long term? Is there any ISPM feature that need ipv6 module even not being used?

ksenya 08-24-2018 05:24 AM

This won't cause any issues. The only thing is that the panel will warn you that the kernel doesn't support IPv6.

Ipv4 will work correctly.

NanoG6 08-24-2018 05:30 AM

Sorry forgot to update this post. I decided to go on disable the ipv6 and start configuring the ISPm. By doing so I can not save firewall rules from ISPm. But when I enable ipv6 I can save firewall rules successfully.

ksenya 08-24-2018 09:53 AM

The module with Firewall won't work correctly, as it won't be able to upload.

Why do you want to disable ipv6 in the kernel?
You may simply not allocate ipv6 to your clients.

NanoG6 08-24-2018 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by ksenya (Post 8991)
Why do you want to disable ipv6 in the kernel?

The reason is simple, because it doesn't look nice when I do "netstat -tulpen" (too many ports open) :p

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