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ksenya 09-11-2014 12:36 PM

Autumn prices on VMmanager Cloud!
This autumn you will get many pleasant news from the ISPsystem company. Today we want to offer you a great discount on the control panel VMmanager Cloud. If you want to get the best product for your virtualization management, it’s high time to do that!

Through September 11-30 you can buy a lifetime VMmanager Cloud at 1000 euro. You save 600 euro!

VMmanager Cloud is a control panel that can be used for providing fault-tolerant VPS hosting services, and delivers the following new functionality:
• Install VM both from OS templates and ISO-images
• “NAT”networks allow to use “private” IP addresses for virtual machines
• Change root-password for a virtual machine
• Flexible settings for configuring VM allocation rules on cluster nodes
• Support for new cluster infrastructure based on corosync, enables not to use rgmanager and cman

For a full list of functions please refer to our web-site

You can order Vmmanager Cloud in your Client area or at the Pricing/Order page.

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