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ksenya 07-24-2014 10:33 AM

Reduced prices on DCImanager and Free licenses
Strating June 9, 2014 ISPsystem reduces prices on DCImanager Essential and Progressive and changes its licensing policy.

How it works now

We understand that each company has different services, different number of racks and dedicated servers in their data center. So we decided to make DCImanager Essential absolutely free for those who need to manage 1 to 5 servers.

When your business grows and you have more servers in the data center, flexible licensing policy allows you to add servers to your license. If you require more advanced functionality, it is possible to upgrade to an advanced version.


DCImanager Essential (allows to add up to 100 server):

1 month - 6 euro
1 year - 60 euro
Lifetime - 120 euro

DCImanager Progressive (up to 2000 servers):

The price of every 100 servers (101-200, 201-300, ..., 1901-2000):

1 month - 12 euro
1 year - 120 euro
Lifetime - 240 euro

Infrastructure of any data center has its own characteristics, which require an individual approach. For successful development of your business, we will be happy to discuss personal solutions to suit your requirements. The price of DCImanager Enterprise includes adaptation of software functions to meet your specific goals and equipments.
For detailed information, please, contact our sales department

Order DCImanager

You can order a DCImanager license in your BILLmanager account or at Price / Order page of our site.

The changes in the licensing policy do not apply to previously purchased licenses.

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