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NCbeasty 04-27-2017 03:38 AM

How to edit DocumentRoot?
I need to have
DocumentRoot /var/www/%username%/data/www/%sitename%/public_html

When I try to edit /etc/httpd/conf/vhosts/%username%/%sitename% in ISPmanager Lite, docroot does not apply the changes and, and when I edit the website, DocumentRoot is overwritten.

ksenya 04-28-2017 03:38 AM

ISPmanager keeps all data in the database. You can edit a home directory in the ''ispmgr.db'' table.

# /usr/local/mgr5/sbin/sqlite3 /usr/local/mgr5/etc/ispmgr.db
SQLite version 2013-01-09 11:53:05
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"
sqlite>select * from webdomain;
id|name|name_idn|docroot|email|charset|dirindex|se cure|ssl_port|ssl_cert|framework|autosubdomain|php |php_mode|cgi|cgi_ext|active|int_suspend|users|dro pped_down|log_access|log_error|rotation_period|rot ation_size|rotation_count|analyzer|analyzer_period |analyzer_lang|foreground|redirect_http
1|domain.test|domain.test|/var/www/vgj/data/www/domain.test|webmaster@domain.test_day||10|off|||of f|off

sqlite> update webdomain set docroot="/var/www/vgj/data/www/domain.test/pub" where id=1;

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