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Realname 06-21-2017 03:12 PM

Server deployment
Is there any steps how to deploy servers (Windows/Linux) using DCIManager?

I need a step by step guide.

ksenya 06-22-2017 01:21 PM

The OS installation process normally includes:
- Create the OS template. Create and copy all required files for TFTP and NFS.
- Modify the DHCP and NFS configuration files. Restart DHCP to apply changes to NFS configuration.
- The panel reboots the server.
- The server boots using PXE and gets pxelinux by TFTP
- Depending on the OS template, the installer (or the installation script) starts and receives configuration from DCImanager through HTTP.
- Once the installation is complete, the server informs DCImanager about its results.

In DCImanager you only need to configure
1) Connections of the server - add IPMI or PDU
2) Add a MAC address for server
3) Run the reinstall operation
4) Wait for operation to complete

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