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Holohost 09-19-2016 05:11 PM

VirusDie for ISP business
Hi there!

I'm really interested in VirusDie module for ispmanager business, can you tell me when this module will be released?


C.Gladkov 09-20-2016 09:57 AM


We expect VirusDie module for ISPmanager 5 business in the October 2016

BoxLand 10-31-2016 06:56 AM


I tried to test VirusDie on Business, but it seems that something went wrong. Is this alpha testing of Virusdie on ISPmanger Bus?

C.Gladkov 10-31-2016 10:18 AM


VirusDie for ISPmanager 5 business is available in version 5.79, this is a beta version. Could you describe what exactly went wrong?

ksenya 11-01-2016 02:05 AM

There were some bugs found in previous versions, so we recommend that you chech the Changelog for bugfixes and update to the last version

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