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James.85 11-02-2016 09:34 AM

ISP behind NAT
Hi, in our docs I found the information that I can activate my license on the server running behind a NAT. I wonder what issues I may face in this case?

ksenya 11-03-2016 03:46 AM


Customers can order software licenses for servers running behind NAT, and you will be able to install the control panel. However, if only a private IP is bound to the server interface, all services running on the server will use only that private IP. Therefore, the following issues may occur:

• Apache may incorrectly process web-sites, because the request from the web-server will be sent to the public IP address (the router’s IP), whereas the Apache configuration file contains only the private IP;
• DNS. Name server will listen to the private IP, so DNS won’t run correctly unless you configure the port manually;
• Exim always checks DNS when receiving a new email. You won't be able to receive emails, as Exim will continuously pass them from the router to server and back.

In other words, the control panel can run behind a NAT setup, but such configuration may cause many services to run incorrectly, and you will need to configure them manually.

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