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ksenya 07-24-2014 10:35 AM

ISPsystem introduces ISPmanager 5 Pro
ISPsystem introduces ISPmanager 5 Pro, a new version of the popular software product that enables service providers to easily provide and manage shared hosting with a number of powerful tools.

The preliminary launch date is September 17, 2014.

Key new features

-Manage shared-hosting servers from a centralized location
-Import users both from remote control panels and between servers running ISPmanager Pro
-Use key features of CloudLinux and cgroups for more flexible configuration of user limits
-Backup function on the User level
-Select a specific role for each server (web-server, email-server, dns-server, database server)
-Flexible configuration of the control panel using Policies according to user needs
-Detailed information on system resource usage per server


At our web-site you can watch ISPmanager 5 Pro demo to experience the advantages and capabilities of the control panel. If you haven’t tried the demo yet, don’t wait any longer!

Prices and upgrade from ISPmanager 4 Pro

1 month – 12 euro

1 year - 120 euro

Lifetime – 240 euro

-Owners of ISPmanager 4 Pro lifetime will get a 30% discount on upgrade to ISPmanager 5 Pro.
- 1-month or 1-year licenses will be able to upgrade free of charge.

For more information please contact our Sales department at

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