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pdhodges 10-23-2011 03:06 AM

phpMyAdmin Stopped Allowing Access
phpMyAdmin requested I change the password. I changed the password. Now it does not get to the login screen when I click on ISPManager -> PhpMyAdmin.
All I get is

$cfg['Servers'][1] = array( 'verbose' => 'MySQL', 'auth_type' => 'cookie', 'host' => 'localhost', 'user' => '' );

At the top of a blank page.

slava 10-23-2011 06:53 AM

Hello, this is error in the ISPmanager (mysql password change break the configuration file) and this problem will be fixed soon in new version. We apologize for inconvenience.
Edit PhpMyadmin configuration file (/usr/share/phpmyadmin/ and delete this string from first line.

pdhodges 10-23-2011 10:39 AM

There is no phpmyadmin directory in /usr/share

pdhodges 10-23-2011 11:28 AM

I found it in /usr/local/www/phpMyAdmin.
I deleted the line and it works.
There is still an error. phpMyAdmin wants the mysqli extension.

"mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration."

mysql is available under php extensions. mysqli is not available.

slava 10-23-2011 04:57 PM

Ok, you use FreeBSD system (and phpmyadmin located by this path). PhpMyAdmin will work perfectly without php mysqli extension (used mysql). Or you can install php-mysqli into server in PHP extensions menu

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