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ecalte 08-19-2008 03:39 PM


I registered at today, i have sent money with paypal in the system but now i wish to login again on the panel and i cannot get access anymore. The system says my username does not exist, also not when i request a new password.

my username is ecatel1 and email address

thanks in advance for your help.
(sorry if this is wrong way for support, i dont know where to request support else when i cannot login).

Wishmaster 08-20-2008 10:57 AM

the payment is ok. as wll as your server

tech support link -

u can reset your password if you forget it -

ecalte 08-20-2008 06:01 PM

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thanks for your reply!
but the problem i have is that i cannot login with the details i filled in at the beginning. I get the error my username does not exist, even when i try to reset my password. I have attached a screenshot.

slava 08-21-2008 09:35 AM

I send your email address in our billing for you by private message

ecalte 08-21-2008 03:23 PM

i am in, thanks!

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